‚Äč2017 Idaho State Championship

The Burley Trap and sporting Clays "Perpetual Sporting Clays Pot" is a game unique to BTSC. For an $18 (currently) "buy in" a shooter purchases the opportunity to win one half of the perpetual pot for a run of breaking all the targets thrown on one or more of the blocks of stations 1 through 5 inclusive or stations 6 through 10 inclusive or stations 11 through 15 inclusive, for a specific 100 bird event on a specific date.
As an example; if shooter "A" buys into the perpetual and breaks all of the targets indicated on the shoot menu and score card for the block of stations 6,7,8,9 and 10, then that shooter would win one half of the perpetual for that 5 station block. If more than one shooter is successful in the above example then one half of that 6 through 10 perpetual will be divided equally among the successful shooters. In the event that a shooter "runs" more than one of the defined blocks of targets then that shooter is eligible to win one half of the perpetual for each defined block in which they are successful.
This is a fun and potentially profitable option for shooters. In order to assure fairness to all and to preclude confusion in scoring, shooters should review rule L 4 a, b and c, page 35 of the NSCA rule book.

Burley Trap and Sporting Clays